What Does Suspense Mean?

what does suspense mean

▪ There was a silence, and, unable to bear the suspense any longer, she raised her eyes. ▪ Similarly, Mary Stewart produces suspense stories with equally strong mystery and romance plotlines. Click here to add the AudioEnglish.org dictionary to your browser’s search box. At ten o’clock, she trusted, or at least not much later her mother would be relieved from the dreadful suspense in which she must now be travelling towards them.

Suspense is a state of mental uncertainty, anxiety, being undecided, or being doubtful. In a dramatic work, suspense is the anticipation of the outcome of a plot or of the solution to an uncertainty, puzzle, or mystery, particularly as it affects a character for whom one has sympathy.

  • Suspense is created in a narrative by the use of various strategies and devices on the part of the author.
  • A deposit in transit is money that has been received by a company and sent to the bank, but it has yet to be processed and posted to the bank account.
  • A suspense account is a general ledger account in which amounts are temporarily recorded.
  • A suspense account will be managed by the finance team and serve as a catch-all for unknown amounts.

Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news. This is the American English definition of suspense.View British English definition of suspense. American definition and synonyms of suspense from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. ▪ The play is constructed in such a way as to keep the audience in suspense until the very end. ▪ Her most recent books have been more in the romantic suspense vein than the gothic.

A state or condition of mental uncertainty or excitement, as in awaiting a decision or outcome, usually accompanied by a degree of apprehension or anxiety. We gathered all the possible definitions of the word suspense on our website. Our definition dictionary is updated all the time with new definitions and is ready to help you. what does suspense mean A suspense account is a general ledger account in which amounts are temporarily recorded. The suspense account is used because the appropriate general ledger account could not be determined at the time that the transaction was recorded. The amount of funds held in suspense account is referred to as the “suspense balance.”

Translations Of Suspense

This is exactly what Shakespeare has done in “Othello” in which malevolent Iago plays the role of a villain who creates jealousy in Othello, to destroy his life and career by convincing him that his wife is deceitful. The readers know that Othello’s wife is not guilty, and that Iago has wicked intentions toward Othello. Meaning “state of mental uncertainty with more or less anxiety” (mid-15c.) is from legal meaning, perhaps via notion of “awaiting an expected decision,” or from “state of having the mind or thoughts suspended.” As a genre of novels, stories, etc., attested from 1951. The state of being suspended; specifically, a state of uncertainty and expectation, with anxiety or apprehension; indetermination; indecision; as, the suspense of a person waiting for the verdict of a jury.

That’s why the movie is King Richard and not, say, Queen Venus—the girls’ talent, while stunning, is free of narrative tension, whereas Williams’s oddball approach to life drives much of the movie’s suspense. Stamm, whose precise, dry prose builds suspense in its very insistence on the quotidian, creates narratives simultaneously ordinary and strange, even uncanny.

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The word “suspenseful” is an adjective that might be used in reference to the mood of such a narrative. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘suspense.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. The unpleasant emotion of anxiety or apprehension in an uncertain situation. A suspense account will be managed by the finance team and serve as a catch-all for unknown amounts.

what does suspense mean

Regardless of the uncertainties in question, suspense accounts are cleared out once the confusion is resolved, at which time the funds are promptly re-shuffled to their correctly designated accounts. At this time, the suspect account should theoretically achieve a balance of zero dollars. While there is no definitive timetable for conducting a clearing-out process, many businesses attempt to regularly accomplish this on a monthly or quarterly basis. Similar to business suspense accounts, brokerage suspense accounts temporarily hold funds while transactions are completed. Sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between them.

The books are suspenseful, well-plotted, atmospheric, and enriched by humor and acute characterization as well as personal experience. Suspense is a state of excitement or anxiety about something that is going to happen very soon. If you have been waiting for weeks to get an answer to your proposal of marriage, you are being kept in suspense.

Phrases Related To Suspense

Special Allowance Payments means payments, designated as such, consisting of effective interest subsidies by the Department in respect of the Trust Student Loans to the Eligible Lender Trustee on behalf of the Trust in accordance with the Higher Education Act. Mr. Gladwell is the owner of a small bakery located in the suburbs. Each week he purchases some of the materials needed to manufacture the bakery’s products and he pays for them with the company’s debit card.

The program then changed into a suspenseful tough guy private eye series. Story makes you feel excited or anxious about what is going to happen in the story next.


The film features early examples of a split screen shot and a car chase. Suspense account , an account in which receipts or disbursements are temporarily entered until their proper position in the books is determined. ▪ When I could bear the suspense no longer, I posed the final, and most significant question to her. ▪ The suspense story of the Napoleonic Monkey was familiar, of course. ▪ Compare the romantic suspense novels of Mary Stewart with the international espionage tales of Ian Fleming. One of the sequences of the film involved a suspenseful moment where a criminal jumped on an unsuspecting individual. It tells the story of two captured flyers in dramatic and suspenseful fashion.

How do authors use suspense?

Suspense arises out of your readers’ anticipation of, and worry and fear about, what’s going to happen next. You create suspense by making your readers fear the worst for a character they care deeply about. … And make sure that the disasters are ones the reader can identify with.

And presently she felt that she could not lie there any longer, waiting in actionless suspense. Some of the early scripts were adapted from Suspense radio scripts, while others were original for television. Like the radio program, many scripts were adaptations of literary classics by well-known authors. Classic authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie, and Charles Dickens all had stories adapted for the series, while contemporary authors such as Roald Dahl and Gore Vidal also contributed. Many notable actors appeared on the program, including Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Cloris Leachman, Brian Keith, Franchot Tone, Robert Emhardt, Leslie Nielsen, Lloyd Bridges, and many more. Suspense is a 1913 American silent short film thriller directed by Phillips Smalley and Lois Weber. Weber also wrote the scenario, and stars in the film with Valentine Paul.

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Last week he purchased a new refrigerator for $300 but due to his busy schedule he failed to send the receipt of the transaction to his accountant. Learn the antithesis definition and see antithesis examples in literature and other fields. I suspect the down votes are because you take a very narrow view of the word in question.

Examine detailed examples of what makes a pun and how it can make literature more interesting. Learn about the definition of understatement, its purpose in different contexts, and review understatement examples. Discover the different types of narrative poetry, such as the idyll, the epic, the lay, and the ballad, and recognize some famous narrative works and authors. We all experience conflict in life, but literary conflict can be a complex concept to teach your students. This video outlines several strategies for helping your students learn about and apply their knowledge of literary conflict.

That you will not receive until you have paid in full, payment instalments can be placed in a suspense account and moved to an asset account when completed. Suspense accounts are frequently used by mortgage lenders when a borrower accidentally falls short on a monthly payment, or if a borrower chooses to break up the monthly payment obligation into partial amounts. The amounts payable as contributions hereunder shall be determined as of the date on which the related payment or distribution is made by the applicable Funding Guarantor. The allocation among Contributing Guarantors of their obligations as set forth in this Section 7.2 shall not be construed in any way to limit the liability of any Contributing Guarantor hereunder. Each Guarantor is a third party beneficiary to the contribution agreement set forth in this Section 7.2. After that, he consulted with Mr. Gladwell who clarified the nature of the operation. His accountant then reclassified the operation as a fixed asset purchase and the suspense account balance was removed.

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The purpose of a suspense account is to hold amounts that cannot be categorised, so it would not be possible for each department to have a suspense account. If you could identify the department, you would not need to place the payment in a suspense account. The aim of a suspense account in balance sheet terms is always to be a balance of zero, as this means that everything has been correctly recorded, and there are no anomalies unaccounted for. Whether intentional or accidental, partial payments can be tricky to match up to invoices. You can hold them in a suspense account until you know which account they should move to.

Suspense is a literary device that authors use to keep their readers’ interest alive throughout the work. It is a feeling of anticipation that something risky or dangerous is about to happen. The purpose of using this type of anxiety in literature is to make readers more concerned about the characters, and to form sympathetic association with them. Therefore, authors create scenarios that could force readers to understand, and to want to read on to see what their beloved characters face the next. Suspense accounts are commonly used when there is no paper trail for the transaction or the nature of it hasn’t been informed yet. Nevertheless, the size of these accounts should be fairly small since most transactions are easily categorized in a regular business operation.

Harold Averkamp has worked as a university accounting instructor, accountant, and consultant for more than 25 years. He is the sole author of all the materials on AccountingCoach.com. An accountant was instructed to record a significant number of journal entries written by the controller of a large company. Unfortunately, there was one amount that did not have an account designated. In order to complete the assignment by the deadline, the accountant recorded the “mystery” amount in the general ledger Suspense account. When the controller is available, the accountant will get clarification and will move the amount from the Suspense account to the appropriate account.

In movies and literature, the way that point of view can evoke different reactions out of the audience. Examine how the point of view can create strong reactions, such as a sense of suspense or humor. Suspense is a quality of fiction found in many kinds of narratives, including drama, mystery, romance, and crime fiction.

what does suspense mean

Lease Payments means the sum of the Base Rent payments for the applicable period. Learn about metonymy and how it compares to other figures of speech. Edgar Allan Poe was a writer of the macabre whose dark stories stick with you long after you’ve finished reading them. ‘The Premature Burial’ is one such tale that instills the fear of being buried alive.

Edward has a difficult time controlling the blood lust Bella arouses in him, because, after all, he is a vampire. At the end of the month, his accountant had to reconcile the bakery’s ledgers but there was a bank transaction of $300 that he had no record off. In order to file the monthly tax report on time he put this amount in a suspense account and the ledgers were reconciled perfectly.

  • As soon as possible, the amount in the suspense account should be moved to the proper account.
  • We gathered all the possible definitions of the word suspense on our website.
  • It may operate whenever there is a perceived suspended drama or a chain of cause is left in doubt, with tension being a primary emotion felt as part of the situation.
  • However, being onto something and writing a good suspense-thriller about current events can be two very different things.
  • Learn the definition of a subplot, identify its purpose in a storyline, and view subplot examples.
  • The battle effects were created under the supervision of Cliff Richardson at Elstree Studios which was owned by British International Pictures.

1 The condition of being suspended; cessation for a time. 2 the pleasurable emotion of anticipation and excitement regarding the outcome or climax of a book, film etc. 3 The unpleasant emotion of anxiety or apprehension in an uncertain situation. 4 A temporary cessation of one’s right; suspension, as when the rent or other profits of land cease by unity of possession of land and rent. Suspense is a feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, and anxiety developed from an unpredictable, mysterious, and rousing source of entertainment. The term most often refers to an audience’s perceptions in a dramatic work. It may operate whenever there is a perceived suspended drama or a chain of cause is left in doubt, with tension being a primary emotion felt as part of the situation. Films having a lot of suspense belong in the thriller genre.

  • This leaves him in a constant state of anxiety over the danger.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between them.
  • Suspense accounts are commonly used when there is no paper trail for the transaction or the nature of it hasn’t been informed yet.
  • The word “suspenseful” is an adjective that might be used in reference to the mood of such a narrative.
  • See the difference between a plot and a subplot in literature.

Both are mainly due to projecting our thoughts far ahead of us instead of adapting ourselves to the present. Thus it is that foresight, the greatest blessing humanity has been given, is transformed into a curse.

Does shake a leg mean?

old-fashioned informal. used to tell someone to hurry or act more quickly: Come on, Nick, shake a leg or we’ll never be ready in time. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

Add suspense to one of your lists below, or create a new one. For decades, his works of horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy have terrified and delighted audiences around the world. The suspense of waiting for her answer nearly drove him crazy.

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